London Underground Persuades London Lawyers To Work In The Thames Valley

Images of chickens throughout London Underground are encouraging lawyers in London to come to work in the Thames Valley.

As part of an expansion by law firm Boyes Turner, this new recruitment technique is hoping to drive city based attorneys away for the hustle and bustle of city life and into the serene environments of the Thames valley.

Targeting the Capital, Boyes Turner intends to entice talented professionals who are tired of the daily commuting and the exhausting work schedule and is promising to turn its new employees into free range lawyers.

It seems that Boyes Turner is creating a breed which can balance a challenging work life with a life outside. The company, which is flourishing in the Thames Valley, employ those who have had enough of London’s pressurised environment and who want a life in Berkshire.

Boyes Turner seems to be more open-minded when it comes to flexible working hours and claim that building the job around a good lawyer is how you keep them.

The company’s projections look very promising with plenty of growth despite uncertainty of the economy. The firm’s turnover had trebled to £12 million in the last eight years, and its forecasts of £14 million this year is hoped to create tremendous opportunities for the firm.